Monday, 2 January 2012

Mai nak cerita .... :)

MOHD NOR ASRAF. yess, thats my full name. you can call me aM's. I know its a lot. Its simple and easy. but you can call me everything what you want. I dont mind. call me badly? thats not my problem, your sin ! . I'm the boy who really love to hanging. naughty? yupp, I am. beware, I hate hypocrite person. so please, dont play with me. I'm not a doll. everyone have friends, right? me too, I love them so much. they coloured my life. without them, I may be DIE. enemies? I think so.  I dont think that I have a posers, but I warn you first. status? ohh, if u gonna know that I'm single or taken? ask me k. I dont know what will I write right now. kso, I think I'm done here. I will write this again if I have time, well you know i'm a good student. books are always in my hand. bgbg, kbye.

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